GE’s Link Smart Light Bulb Will Only Cost You $15

GE Link2Without doubt, smart light bulbs are cool. This is because it allows users to control their lights remotely as well as apply different moods to the lighting, so if you wanted something romantic, all you’d have to do is adjust it from your smartphone via an accompanying app. Basically it’s an introduction to the home of the future.

However emerging technology rarely comes cheap and when Philips first announced the Hue light bulb back in 2012, it was priced at $199 for a set of three. Well it looks like General Electric could be looking to give Philips a run for their money via its new smart LED bulb called Link. The Link smart bulbs will be controllable via the Wink app and you can even control it remotely anywhere around the world.

This means that you can check to see if you have any lights that you forgot to  turn off, or you can turn them on and off at random intervals to make it seem like someone is at home, which could discourage potential burglars. Best of all, the Link bulb will be priced starting at $15 each, making it a much more affordable solution.

According to GE, the Link bulb will come in three different applications: a 60-watt replacement soft white LED bulb which is commonly used for general lighting; indoor soft white which can be installed as downlighting; indoor/outdoor bright white spotlight LED which can be used for outdoor security or as a spotlight. The Link bulb is expected to go on sale via Home Depot’s website starting Monday, and will be sold in their brick and mortar outlets later this fall.

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