Guy Build’s Firefly’s Serenity Out Of 23-Lbs Of Duct Tape

duct-tape-serenity-1.jpg PROTIP: Fix the date on your camera or remove it. This is the Serenity spacecraft from Firefly that Jacob LaRocca built entirely out of duct tape. It weighs in at 23-pounds and took 27 rolls of tape and 110 hours to complete. That is some serious dedication. I tried to glue popsicle sticks to an empty can of orange juice concentrate once to make a decorative pen and pencil holder and got so frustrated halfway through that I smashed the can and wrote Minute Maid a piece of hate mail. THAT WAS GOING TO BE FOR MY MOM FOR MOTHER'S DAY. Keep going for a couple more shots but go HERE for a pictorial of the whole build.