Heck Yeah I’d Drink With Wolverine And Deadpool: Conceptual Superhero/Antihero Themed Beers

superhero-beer-1.jpg This is The Comic Book Super Drunk Hangout, a line of conceptual superhero/antihero themed beers imagined by Brazilian artist Butcher Billy. You know, I brewed my own beer once. Everyone who tried it got sick. "You did it wrong." No, we just each drank like twenty apiece.
This collection of design concepts gather a distinctive line of heroes, antiheroes - or not heroes at all - that have in common a certain way of not being exactly the role model for your kids. Yet they're in the pages of comics in your local book shop. These characters are the ones that enjoy a pint or two at the local pub before saving the world or - very often - making an even bigger mess. Like it or not, they are the interesting ones, not to mention the most fun. Because no one ever made superfriends by drinking milk.
Heck yeah, I'd drink with any of those dudes. Especially Wolverine and Deadpool and Hellboy. Then I'd get them to beat up all the people I don't like, which is pretty much everyone. Hey, that guy over there, the one who keeps playing shitty songs on the jukebox -- take him out. You think they would do that for me? "No." I hate playing pretend with you. Keep going for closeups of them all.
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