Hiding Your Legs: Awesome General Grievous Cosplay

general-grevious-cosplay.jpg This is a short video of General Grievous at the recent MCM Comic Con in London. The cosplayer does a great job of hiding his real arms and legs. Unless that actually IS General Grievous just PRETENDING to be a cosplayer dressed as General Grievous. Stranger things have happened (my roommate brought a girl home last night). I know this isn't the first time this style of costume has been made, it's just the first one I'm posting. What would you do if you had to battle General Grievous? "Find his off switch." Good answer, I'd tell Mace Windu that Grievous killed his family. How many lightsaber fetishes do you think have ended with accidental penis dismemberment? "All of them." I bet you're right. Could you imagine going to the doctor with a lightsaber wedged up your keister? Whatever you do, doc, please -- DON'T TURN IT ON. Keep going for a portrait mode video of Grevious in action.