iOS 8 Reportedly Causing Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

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It seems that while iOS 8 has brought about a host of new features and improvements to the iOS platform, it also looks like the operating system has come with its fair share of bugs that are causing a lot of issues for its users. Earlier with iOS 8.0.1, the update was pulled as it was reported to have caused Touch ID and cellular service to stop working.

An update has since been released but according to new reports, it looks like iOS 8’s woes are not at an end. Multiple user reports have claimed that iOS 8 is causing a number of Bluetooth connectivity issues, particularly with their vehicle’s audio system. This comes from users who have either upgraded to iOS 8 or have bought the new iPhones.

The Bluetooth connectivity issues also appear to have extended to other audio devices, like headphones, speakers, headsets, and more. Now the good news is that Apple is reportedly aware of the issue and are working on a fix. In the meantime some users are reporting that by logging out of iCloud or forgetting the connected Bluetooth device has helped with the issue.

Some users who are beta testing iOS 8.1 have also reported that the issue seems to be fixed with the update, so we guess iPhone owners will just have to wait for the update to be released, which according to an earlier report has been pegged for the third week of October.

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