iPhone 6 Plus Can Survive Overnight Buried In Snow

Are you an iPhone 6 Plus fan who is sick of hearing that this mammoth of a smartphone from Apple isn’t tough enough? A new stress test of this smartphone gives you something to talk about. The person conducting the test left his iPhone 6 Plus buried in snow overnight and when he returned for it the next day, the result was surprising to say the least.

Soon after the iPhone 6 Plus was launched earlier this year it was discovered that the smartphone would actually bend, particularly if it was carried in tight jeans or a back pocket.

There was also a video test on YouTube where the person bent the iPhone 6 Plus by applying some force with both hands, but Apple downplayed all reports and said it had received only a handful of complaints about units bending under stress.

This new stress test isn’t concerned with whether or not the iPhone 6 Plus bends or not. The aim here is to find out if it can survive buried in snow for one full night. TechRax, the YouTuber who made this video, buried his device on Christmas Eve and then went back for it on Christmas Day.

iPhone 6 Plus, which had spend the entire night under a thick layer of snow, was working absolutely fine the next morning when it was dug out.

So there you have it. The next time someone teases you about your smartphone being prone to bending, show them that it can survive under snow.

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