Lines For Apple’s New iPhones Still Forming Despite “Bendgate” Controversy

apple logoIt is without a doubt that Apple’s new iPhone 6 models are popular, and while the queue typically takes place during its launch weekend, it seems that the new models are particularly popular as it seems that there are still queues forming in the second week of its sales. This is according to a smattering of reports from around the world in which many are tweeting about the insane queues.

This is probably because Apple has recently launched the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets into 22 new markets, and with Apple aiming for 115 markets by the end of the year, we can only imagine that the queues will be just as long when Apple opens up their doors. According to some reports, Apple customers in Taiwan were queuing up for as long as 35 hours.

Around 600 customers were also said to have lined up outside Apple’s Amsterdam’s store, and around 400 at the Barcelona store. Given that Apple managed to sell a whopping 10 million units during its initial launch weekend itself, we have to wonder just how many Apple will sell in their second week, especially with more markets having been opened up.

It also seems that the #bendgate scandal has not really affected the demand for the new iPhones. At this rate we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple will manage to sell more than 189 million iPhone units by the end of the the fiscal year 2015, as predicted by an analyst.

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