Marching To The Beat Of Your Own Drum: One-Man Band Performs Star Wars And Tetris Themes

one-man-band-star-wars.jpg Seen here looking like he's about to take off with a homemade roflcopter jetpack, Swedish one-man band street performer Anders Flanderz performs the Star Wars theme, the Tetris theme, and a BONUS rendition of Europe's 'The Final Countdown'. Man, I wish I had a gig where I got to wear a crash helmet with a cymbal on top. Maybe getting shot out of a cannon at the circus? Plus I could like, groom the bearded lady whenever she needed it. I've gotten really good with electric clippers. *lifting shirt* See? "You shaved a lion's head into your chest." I sure did. "Why don't you have nipples?" You don't get good with electric clippers overnight. Keep going for all three videos.