Meizu MX4 Pro Could Be Announced In November 19th Event

meizu thinkhigherMeizu is a name that ought to ring a bell with many people, as it is a rather popular Chinese smartphone brand such as its recent Meizu MX4. Word on the street has it that Meizu has plans to roll out a spanking new smartphone this coming November 19 – which is not too long to go, actually, and invitations to this particular event has already started to be sent out to the masses. The invite itself comes in the unique form of a 7-inch vinyl record, which has certainly sent tongues wagging that the brand new handset will sport an integrated record player. It does sound rather ludicrous, but only time will be able to tell whether that is going to be the case or not.

A post on its official Facebook page saw Meizu mention, “If we go to this sort of detail on our invites, just imagine the product we will launch.” Perhaps we could be waiting for the upcoming Meizu MX4 Pro which has been making its rounds on the rumor mill of late, and it would be interesting to see just how this particular smartphone, if revealed on November 19th itself, will fare in terms of its hardware specifications. Will it come with a 5.5″ display and a Quad HD display? How about a new processor underneath the hood and 4GB RAM to make it live up to its “Pro” namesake? Questions and more questions – the passage of time will reveal it all.

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