Microsoft Introduces Skype Chat To Office Web Apps

office skype chatMicrosoft continues in their effort to make co-authoring documents as well as projects a wee bit easier than usual, having introduced Skype chat to their collection of Office web apps. The Office Online real-time chat feature will play nice with both Word and Powerpoint at this point in time, which means those who rely on the number crunching Excel are left out of the equation at this point in time. However, it is not beyond reason to have expectations that this might very well change some time down the road.

In the most recent update, it does seem as though Microsoft themselves are working to compete against the likes of Google in order to deliver what could very well be one of the most competitive cloud services for both consumer and enterprise markets. Since the chat function would make use of Skype, it will continue to be compatible with the other various versions of Skype, which will also include mobile apps, ensuring that users have a greater degree of mobility when it comes to synchronizing on their work on a particular document. Simultaneous real-time editing would definitely be handy for those road warriors who are constantly moving up and about, don’t you think so? [Press Release]

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