Musician Deadmau5 Releases His Own Subscription Music Service

Musician Deadmau5 Releases His Own Subscription Music ServiceBack in the day, artists would release their albums in record stores. However with physical sales of albums starting to decline, artists have taken to digital distribution in order to sell their albums, like iTunes, for example. However even that is on the decline, which means that artists have to come up with creative ways to distribute and sell their music.

We’ve seen artists like Skrillex promote their albums via video games, and now EDM artist, deadmau5, has decided to launch a subscription-based service that will give his fans access to his music, videos, and various news about his activities. The service launched this week via an app and will cost fans $5 a month to subscribe (or $45 for a year if you believe you will be using it for a while).

The app is currently only available on iOS as the moment, but it is also expected to make its way onto Android devices later. According to the musician, he claims to have had this idea “forever”, and that  ”most publishers and labels are, still, completely overlooking the value of an artist created / driven subscription model.”

Perhaps it might make sense if the subscription service was open to multiple artists, like a paid subscription services such as Beats Music, but imagine having to pay $5 as an ongoing subscription per artist, that would get very expensive, very fast, but what do you guys think? Is this the future of music distribution?

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