Netflix Gets New Search Experience

netflix searchIt looks as though Netflix has come up with something that will help improve the overall user experience by introducing a new search experience. Thanks to this new instant search tool, one will be able to enjoy faster and easier access to one’s favorite TV shows, movies, as well as actors and actresses. In this new search experience, one’s eyes would be greeted by lush cover art so that the overall presentation is a whole lot more visual throughout the page.

The moment you start to type out your query in the search box, there will be potential matches of TV shows and movies that will pop up in the grid of cover art. This brand new style would make life a whole lot easier, since one can scan the results right from the get go, and when it works alongside infinite scroll functionality, exploring the Netflix catalog gets downright intuitive.

In fact, there is a whole list of actors, directors and creators which match the query that will be shown on the left hand side. Whenever one clicks on any of those results, a brand new gallery will open up, sporting all the titles that are related to that person. On the left rail lies suggestions which are related to genres, topical searches and searches for titles which cannot be streamed. Either way, users will be able to check out recommendations based on that suggestion. Do you like what Netflix has done with their search function? [Press Release]

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