Netflix Raises Prices For 4K Streaming

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Before you’re fully able to enjoy Netflix 4K streaming you’ll need two things, a display or TV that supports 4K or Ultra HD resolution and an internet connection strong enough to support the stream. Once that is taken care of then you can trouble yourself with Netflix’s 4K streaming service which is now going to cost you slightly more than it did previously.

Those who want to stream 4K content from Netflix now have to subscribe to its “platinum” plan which costs $11.99 per month. Previously it was possible to access Netflix’s limited catalog of 4K content through the standard $7.99 per month plan, which also saw a price hike a couple of months back and now sits at $8.99 per month.

In a statement to Variety a spokesperson for Netflix explained why this had to be done. The price has been increased because acquiring, producing and distributing 4K content is costly. Even the prerequisites needed to enjoy it are expensive. 4K TVs aren’t exactly cheap and one needs a 25 Mbps download speed at a minimum to be able to stream 4K content from Netflix.

Those who have already been streaming 4K content will be grandfathered into their current plans whereas new subscribers will now have to pay $11.99 just for the luxury of streaming Ultra HD content.

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