Point-Of-View Drone Racing Through The Woods Like Star Wars Speeder Bikes

drone-racing.jpg This is a video of a group of French drone hobbyists racing quadrocopters (and other variants) through the woods with the help of on-board cameras and video goggles. It looks like fun. Especially if those copters were outfitted with POWERFUL LASER WEAPONS capable of F***ING SHIT UP.
Twenty-four competitors raced their drones through the 150 m (492 ft) course, the field made up of quadcopters and multicopters customized for an optimal balance of speed and agility. Having to contend with obstacles such as trees, rival drones, low-hanging branches and sharp contrasts in lighting, the racers darted through the forest at speeds as high as 50 km/h (31 mph). Competing in groups of four, the pilots viewed all the action through goggles, which were fed a stream from micro-cameras built into the front of the drones. The race required them to complete three laps, something Pellarin described as quite an achievement given the inherent difficulties in flying drones through thick forest at high speeds.
I don't think I'd be able to do it, I get motion-sick pretty easy. Even just walking I start to feel queasy. "You just use that an excuse to lay in bed all day." You're not my doctor. "Look again." Oh shit, Doctor Stephenson - - what are you doing here?! Did you get my blood test results? "Yes, and if you don't stop masturbating you're going to go blind." Wait, like, FOREVER? "Yes." Damn. Well I guess I should start practicing swinging one of those canes. Keep going for the worthwhile video, but feel free to skip around.
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