Point Of View Ride From World’s Tallest Water Slide

riding-worlds-tallest-water-slide.jpg This is a point of view trip down the 17-story Verrückt slide at Kansas City's Schlitterbahn water park. It basically looks exactly how you'd expect -- like you're about to die. Also, I didn't know you rode the slide on a raft. I thought you rode it bare-assed. Well not BARE bare-assed, because then they'd have to close the slide after ever ride to wipe off the shit stains, but I thought you just rode it wearing a bathing suit. I guess the raft thing makes sense though because I'd hate to spend the rest of my afternoon at a waterpark trying to pick my swim trunks out of my ass. *looking over shoulder* Dammit, I think my locker key is still in there somewhere. Keep going for the video.