Rare All Black Chickens Even Have Black Meat, Bones

all-black-chicken-1.jpg This are several shots of a rare Ayam Cemani Chicken of Indonesia. The birds are all black, every bit of them, except their blood. It kind of reminds me of Shadowmere from Skyrim. Man, I loved that horse. I might fire up the game tonight just so I can pet him. Ooooor ride him into battle against some giants. What? I need their toes to make health fortification potions!
Everything about it is black: plumage, beak, tongue, legs, toe nails, even its meat, bones, and organs! The only thing that is black is its blood - though it comes in a very dark shade. They get their black coloring from a generic trait known as 'fibromelanosis'. I don't know why you'd want to eat something that's as black as a black hole, but don't ever make the mistake of slaughtering it for a quick snack, because one chicken costs around $2,500!
Good lord, $2,500 for a single chicken? I could get you a real-life Pheonix for that much. Plus Pheonixes are even better because they cook themselves. Just make sure to eat the whole bird quickly, because that f***er's gonna be pissed if it's time to rise from the ashes and you've already eaten a wing and thigh. Keep going for several more shots including one of what you'd expect to find at your local grocery store's meat counter.
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