Down Because Of Samsung Building Fire

For those of you who have been on the receiving end of error messages on your Samsung smartphone, and had been scratching your head all day long, trying to figure out just what could have led to such a situation, it is time that you no longer wonder. Apparently, the website was not made accessible to the masses on the Internet simply because of a fire that happened at the Samsung SDS building which is located in Gwacheon, South Korea. The particular site was unavailable, where it led to error messages on many of Samsung’s products, where these include their array of smartphones, of course. The website outage happened until this morning at 6:15am EST, when the site returned online, with the entire gamut of services restored as well.

That particular fire began on Easter Sunday afternoon (we’re looking at Korean time here) on the building’s fourth floor, which so happened to contain the back-up data center for the South Korean consumer electronics giant. There were several credit card related services that encountered the error message, although one must take note that the main data center that is located in Suwon was not affected by this blaze.

Thankfully, no fatalities were reported in South Korean media, and as far as we know, things have more or less returned to normal despite the video above depicting a far more adverse effect. Down Because Of Samsung Building Fire , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in General, Samsung,