Sharp Looks At 1-Inch Smartwatch Display Prototype

sharp 1inchWhen it comes to the world of displays, you can more or less be sure that Sharp is right up there with the very best of them where consumer electronics devices are concerned. In fact, it does look as though Sharp intends to work on changing the way smart device displays work – first of all with their Sharp Aquos Crystal handset that has more or less delivered a near bezel-less look, in addition to whispers of the possibility of 4K (4096 x 2160) smartphone screen panels. Here we are with a new 1” smartwatch display prototype that might just usher in a sea of change among smartwatches if it gets mass produced.

This smartwatch display prototype would ditch the backlight with a reflective layer. What benefits are there to glean from this change? Basically, any light which then hits the watch can be used to actually illuminate the display from within, while presenting the image – how neat is that? This would go some ways to help reduce the strain on the battery, knowing how small the smartwatch’s footprint is – which directly translates to the physical size limitations of the battery, it is quite a boon. Unfortunately, the major drawback would be this – how will Sharp address the issue not being unable to view the display in the dark?

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