Sleeping In Comfort Food: Pepperoni Pizza Bed Set

pizza-bed.jpg This is a conceptual bed set designed by artist Claire Manganiello. The comforter looks like cheese and pepperonis, the pillows like crust, and the sheets like tomato sauce. I dunno, I feel like you couldn't get in the bed without feeling greasy. Still, it would be fun to pretend I'm a GW stuffed pizza. "Are you kidding? The monsters in your closet will devour you." Damn, you're right. SAD FACT: If I don't lay out clean underwear and pajamas during the day then I have to sleep naked because I'm too afraid to open my closet after dark and have some monster rip my penis off. Even my dog barks at the closet some nights and in her mind she's a f***ing hellhound. Thanks to me, for being man enough to admit the things I'm afraid of, including shitting in public restrooms.