The Sixteen Most Expensive Substances In The World

most-expensive-substances-lsd.jpg This is a list of the sixteen most expensive substances in the world (above, LSD). Is it accurate? No clue, do I look like a fact-checker to you? I still believe in f***ing chemtrails. I'm joking, and I judge anybody who does.
# 16 - Saffron - $11/gram # 15 - Gold - $56/gram # 14 - Rhodium - $58/gram # 13 - Platinum - $60/gram #12 - Methamphetamine - $100/gram #11 - Rhino Horn - $110/gram #10 - Heroin - $130/gram #09 - Cocaine - $215/gram #08 - LSD *Lysergic Acid Diethylamide* - $3,000/gram #07 - Plutonium - $4,000/gram #06 - Painite - $9,000/gram #05 - Taaffeite Stone - ~ $20,000/gram #04 - Tritium - $30,000/gram #03 - Diamonds - $55,000/gram #02 - Californium 252 - $27 million/gram #01 - Antimatter - $6,25 trillion/gram
Damn, it looks like you and I need to start manufacturing some Californium 252. You think it's anything like cooking meth? Because I've cooked meth before. Fine, I've never cooked meth, but I have watched Breaking Bad all the way through twice. Plus one time I cooked weed brownies in my sister's Easy Bake Oven. "How did that work out?" With a house fire. Thanks to Dominic, who told me he once tried to sell his sperm to a sperm back for $20,000. They were not interested.
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