Throw The Book At Him!: High Schooler Arrested For Writing Story About Shooting Dinosaur

dino-shooting-story.jpg Seen here with a hornet's nest on his head, 16-year old Alex Stone of Summerville, South Carolina, was arrested at school after writing a short story about killing his neighbor's pet dinosaur. A really short story. Like, it was two lines. My erotic dino fan fiction? Twenty-two 800+ page volumes. Six-point font.
Stone said he and his classmates were given an assignment to write a few sentences about themselves, and to list a "status" as if they were completing a Facebook post.
Wait -- what? An assignment to write a few sentences about yourself and a Facebook status? WHAT THE F*** KIND OF ASSIGNMENT IS THAT?! These are 16-year olds. I don't even remember doing anything so stupid on the first day of 3rd grade.
The teen wrote "I killed my neighbor's pet dinosaur." In the status section, Stone said, he wrote "I bought the gun to take care of the business." His mom said she was angry that school administrators did not call her before contacting police, who arrested her son and charged him with disorderly conduct after he argued with officers.
Admittedly, that is really f***ing creepy to have written. Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with Alex, but I'm not saying there isn't anything NOT wrong with Alex either. Actually, the more I reread his writing the more I'm starting to wonder just what the hell is going on in this kid's head. "Says the guy who daydreams about boning dinosaurs." Hey -- those feelings are NATURAL. They're part of the human genetic code from our days as cavemen. Thanks to PYY, who agrees maybe Alex should have stuck to, "I need a haircut and I don't like to smile."