Urban Armor Dress Expands To Provide Personal Space

personal-space-dress.jpg This is the Urban Armor Dress designed by Kathleen McDermott. It has two proximity detectors that cause the dress to expand outward like an umbrella if somebody is standing too close. Once their presence is no longer detected, it closes back up again. Plus as a bonus deterrent it sounds like a robot dying the whole time it's moving. Alternatively, drop a stink bomb and put on a gas mask. That's what I do and I've never had anybody stand near me on the bus. Hell, sometimes even the driver gets off and I can sit there ringing the bell all I want. *ding ding* This is my stop! Just kidding. *ding ding* It's actually this one. Kidding again, we haven't moved! One time I even sat in the driver's seat and pretended to steer. And that, children, was the best day of my life. *closes story book* Now you all get to bed before the monsters come out and tear your f***ing arms off. Keep going for a video demo of the dress, as well as a robotic scarf that covers your nose and mouth if it detects 'urban pollutants' like alcohol, cigarette smoke or car exhaust.