VR Headset Helps Man Live Another’s Life

seeing iSome social experiments are certainly extremely interesting in their very own right – for instance, this particular one that would see artist Mark Farid strap on a virtual reality (VR) headset onto his head, wearing it for 28 days in a row. What Farid will “see” would be footage from another person, although the footage would experience a six day lag, since everything will be recorded half a dozen days in advance. The person on the other end has no choice but to share all that he sees, regardless of how private the situation might end up in. I guess this is a good way to exercise looking at the wall instead of downward when one goes to the gents!

As for Farid’s only direct contact with humans, it will be spending an hour with his psychologist every day, and his schedule close to a month will be connected to that of his “input;” where he will indulge in meals, take bathroom breaks as well as sleep whenever his subject does the same thing.

Could Farid end up losing his sense of self and face deep psychological issues? Yes, the dangers are very real, and thankfully, Farid has the option of opting out from art installation that he calls the Seeing-i, if he feels that he is no longer up for it.

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