World Of Warcraft’s In-Game Tribute To Robin Williams

wow-robin-williams-1.jpg These are several shots and a video of World of Warcraft's in-game tributes to the late Robin Williams. There's a genie that comes out of a lamp when you rub it and says, "INFINITE COSMIC POWER! Itty bitty living space," as well as Mork's crashed egg spaceship and some toys scattered around (a head-nod to Williams' role in Toys). Good work. Maybe I'll recover my old character and start playing again. You think my guild will let me back in? I sort of Leroy Jenkins'd them a few times. Plus stole most of their rare items and sold them on eBay. They were not very understanding. God, get over it guys, it's just a video game. Based on all the threats it sounds like a lot of you have anger management issues. Keep going for the pictures and video, as well as the 'There You Are, Peter' scene from Hook because maybe you needed a good cry today and just weren't sure how to get it started.