World’s Largest Dinosaur Discovered (Is Sadly Long Dead)

new-largest-dinosaur.jpg This is a fossilized femur from a new dinosaur species discovered in Argentina that might be the world's largest. Believed to be a new species of Titanosaur (a sauropod, like Brontosaurus), the beast could have reached 40-meters (~130 feet) in length, 20-meters (~65 feet, or 7 stories) tall, and weighing in over 80 tons (~160,000-pounds, ~14 African elephants, or half of my roommate's mom). Could you imagine that thing sitting on you? Heaven.
The remains were found near the central Argentine town of El Sombrero. Initially stumbled upon by a local farmer, they hint at a dinosaur that weighed 80 tons -- 10 tons heavier than the previous record holder, the Argentinosaurus. Belonging to a sauropod subgroup called Titanosaur, it stalked the Earth nearly 100 million years ago, its long serpentine neck swaying to and fro, munching on the vegetation of Patagonia. At the site, there was a cluster of seven of them amid nearly 200 bones. The animals likely died during a period of drought, researchers surmise, but the bones themselves were in "remarkable condition."
Sometimes I think I should just pack up my bags and go hunt for dinosaur bones. Granted I lack any technical experience, but I don't lack passion. I'm a firm believer that any subject you've masturbated to is worth considering as a profession, and that's something they don't teach you in school -- Geekologie Writer, Guidance Counselor Thanks to Melli, Ryan, Ed, LuspusYonderboy, Alian, CHRISSY and anybody else who failed to include 'dino' or 'i bet you're so hot right now' in the title of their email.
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