You Are So Dumb: Idiot Burglar Leaves Victim’s Computer Logged Into His Own Facebook Account

facebook-burglar-fail-so-so-hard.jpg Meet 26-year old Nicholas Wig. Nicholas broke into the St. Paul, Minnesota home of James Wood and stole his watch, credit cards, money and a cell phone. Plus stripped out of his wet clothes (it had been raining) and took some of Wood's. OH YEAH -- then logged into his own Facebook account and left it open before leaving. Even most grandparents know how to computer better than that. Somehow, this man has managed to not die in 26 years. That is unfathomable to me.
Wood posted to Facebook using Wig's profile, saying Wig had burglarized his home. He even shared his phone number to see if someone would call with information. Wig texted him later that day. "I replied you left a few things at my house last night, how can I get them back to you," Wood said. Wig agreed to meet with Wood later that night. Wood believes Wig was under the impression he would give him back some of his clothes he had left at his home in exchange for a recycled cell phone Wig had stolen.
Wig was arrested on his way to meet Wood, still wearing the victim's watch. He faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and $20,000 fines, although I suggest we just throw him into a volcano. Shit, tell him it's a hot tub and he might jump in himself. Thanks to Thaylor H and brendan, who only leave the houses they've burglarized after logging into their Myspace accounts because then then victims just feel sorry for them.
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  • Tagged Computer, crime doesn't pay, , i blame whatever drugs he was on because there is no way he could really be that f***ing stupid right? RIGHT?!, like robbing a bank and deciding to take a nap in the getaway car, no seriously how are you not already in jail, stealing things, websites, wow, you did it wrong
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