Destiny: Next Update Brings Big Change to Vault of Glass Raid

Destiny Vault of Glass Beat in Under Two Hours

Although we may have criticized Bungie for their lack of improvement-focused updates when it comes to Destiny, the fact of the matter is the developer is listening. They know how important the fan base is to the longevity of their game, and therefore have taken considerable strides to meet those players’ needs.

However, Bungie has also come under fire for updates that seemingly change Destiny for the negative. More specifically, we are talking about the most recent hot fix, which, among other things, nerfed the Vex Mythoclast in PvP and PvE.

As part of their weekly Bungie update, the developer addressed the most recent Destiny patch, laying it all out on the table. They want to make sure gamers know exactly why they changed the damage ratings of the ...

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  • By Anthony Taormina
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