Nintendo Gets Festive with a Free Pumkaboo in ‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Y’

Pokemon X Y Pumpkaboo Promotion

It’s almost that time of the year when children dress up in costumes and wander around neighbourhoods in search of candy. This October-based Holiday, commonly referred to as Halloween, is an exciting time of year for a large number of consumers. Taking the spirit of season into consideration, The Pokemon Company will be offering fans a treat in lieu of a trick this year by giving away a festive Pocket Monster known as Pumpkaboo.

As the name hints at, Pumpkaboo is a pumpkin-inspired Ghost/Grass-type Pokemon. Debuting in the recently released Pokemon X and Y games, this creepy creature gives even the best Jack-O-Lantern’s a run for their money.

Coming equipped with attacks like Trick-or-Treat and Scary Face, it’s an all too perfect promotion to run during the month of Halloween. Aside from adding to the excitement of the season, Pumpkaboo will also ...

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