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Top players in Riot’s online gaming juggernaut League of Legends have gathered in Paris to duke it out in the All-Star 2014 tournament. The games will continue all weekend from Thursday, May 8 to Sunday, May 11, so check back to see some impressive professional competitive gaming.

Due to time differences, most of the action takes place in the morning. Here’s the full schedule of events from Riot:

Thursday, May 8:

All-Star Challenge – U.R.F. Mode

  • 6:00AM PDT/15:00 CEST – Team Fire vs. Team Ice

All-Star Invitational – Group Stage Day 1

  • 7:00AM PDT/16:00 CEST – OMG vs. Fnatic
  • 8:00AM PDT/17:00 CEST – Azubu Taipei Assassins vs. SK Telecom T1 K
  • 9:00AM PDT/18:00 CEST – Fnatic vs. Cloud 9
  • 10:00AM PDT/19:00 CEST – OMG vs. Azubu Taipei Assassins
  • 11:00AM PDT/20:00 CEST – SK Telecom T1 K vs. Cloud 9

Friday, May 9:

All-Star Challenge – Hexakill

  • 4:00AM PDT/13:00 CEST – Team Fire w/ Toyz vs. Team Ice w/ Misaya

All-Star Invitational – Group Stage Day 2

  • 5:00AM PDT/14:00 CEST – SK Telecom T1 K vs. OMG
  • 6:00AM PDT/15:00 CEST – Cloud 9 vs. Azubu Taipei Assassins
  • 7:00AM PDT/16:00 CEST – Fnatic vs. SK Telecom TK 1
  • 8:00AM PDT/17:00 CEST – Cloud 9 vs. OMG
  • 9:00AM PDT/18:00 CEST – Azubu Taipei Assassins vs. Fnatic

Saturday, May 10:

All-Star Challenge – Pick 10

  • 4:00AM PDT/13:00 CEST – Team Fire vs. Team Ice

All-Star Invitational – Semifinals

  • 5:00AM PDT/14:00 CEST – Best-of-three Semifinals
  • 8:00AM PDT/17:00 CEST – Best-of-three Semifinals

Sunday, May 11:

All-Star Challenge – Game Mode 4

  • 4:00AM PDT/13:00 CEST – Team Fire vs. Team Ice

All-Star Invitational – Finals

  • 5:00AM PDT/14:00 CEST – Best-of-five Finals


(via Kotaku, image via Riot Games)

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