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Cardiac pacemaker powered by body’s own muscles developed

Over the past few decades, cardiac pacemaker technology has improved to the point that pacemakers have become a commonplace medical implant that have helped improve or save the lives of many millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, the battery technology used to power these devices has not kept pace and the batteries need to…Read More…

  • By Colin Jeffrey
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Chip Implant In Brain Helps Paralyzed Man Move Hand With The Power Of Thought

The advancement of medical technology, especially brain implants, has moved forward by leaps and bounds, that is for sure. Just last month alone, we talked about how a brain implant might help paralyzed people walk again, not to mention restore, implant or remove memories. Having said that , this microchip implanted in paralyzed Ian Burkhart…Read More…

  • By Edwin Kee

Brain implant and high-tech sleeve used to bypass spinal cord and move paralyzed limbs

In what is being touted as a world first, a quadriplegic man has been given the ability to move his fingers and hand with his own thoughts thanks to the implantation of an electronic device in his brain and muscle stimulation sleeve. Part of a neurosti…Read More…

  • By Colin Jeffrey
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Goosebumps Measuring Sensor Developed

There are several times when goosebumps actually make their appearance – when you are cold, or when you feel a chill run down the back of your spine when you enter one of the reputedly haunted rooms or area, or when you are exposed to an unbelievable art piece or masterful performance. Perhaps those on…Read More…

  • By Edwin Kee
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Implantable Drug Could Help Addicts Overcome Addiction

Being addicted to alcohol or drugs is considered to be a medical condition by certain quarters, and it can be pretty difficult to try to overcome one’s addiction with sheer willpower alone, although that has happened in the past. Well, it seems that there has been breakthroughs in the medical field, where an implantable form…Read More…

  • By Edwin Kee
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Bionic Pancreas To Help Those With Type 1 Diabetes

The advancement of technology in the field of medical research has certainly improved by leaps and bounds, where we have a living, breathing bionic man, so to speak, not to mention artificial organs like the kidney being developed to help mankind out…Read More…

DARPA Brain Chips Can Implant Or Remove Memories

Just when you thought that intelligence agencies have got all of that brainwashing and mind control techniques down pat, along comes the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and their effort in developing new brain chips which will supposedly be able to implant or remove specific memories from a subject. This is certainly a chilling…Read More…

  • By Edwin Kee
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Apple’s iWatch Reportedly Waiting For FDA’s Approval [Rumor]

It seems that the iWatch rumors are starting to ramp up. Last we heard, the iWatch was scheduled to be launched in October and that it could come in multiple sizes with more than 10 sensors. Exactly what sort of sensors could we be looking at remains unknown, but apparently it will be related to…Read More…

Achilles’ heel to lower defenses of antibiotic-resistant bacteria found

The discovery of antibiotics is one of the most important breakthroughs of the 20th century. But their effectiveness and low cost has led to their overuse, resulting in the worrying rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or so-called superbugs. Researchers at the University of East Anglia (UAE) in England have now uncovered an Achille’s heel in the…Read More…

  • By Darren Quick
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Small Robot Arm Can Perform In-Womb Surgery

Nobody likes the idea of going for surgery, but it is a necessary evil, so to speak, in order to bring about healing to a particular medical condition. Well, most of the surgeries are performed on children and adults, but what about those who are still in the womb? This question is about to be…Read More…

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