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Paralyzed Teen To Kick First 2014 World Cup Ball Using An Exoskeleton

The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off next month in Brazil. Countless fans will make the journey to watch their favorite teams play at the venues while millions of people around the world will tune into the action. The opening ceremony will likely be worth watching but this time around people will also get to witness…Read More…

3D Printers and Drones — The Best Mash-up Since Peanut Butter and Chocolate?

Because one of the formulas for innovation is combining two useful technologies to see if the whole might be greater than the sum of its parts, it was only a matter of time before someone mounted a 3D printer to a drone. Mirko Kovac, an aerospace engineer at the Imperial College London, has done just…Read More…

  • By Cameron Scott
  • Posted in science
  • Also tagged 3D Printing, , Biomimicry, drones, faa, Imperial College London, Matternet, Michael Huerta, Mirko Kovac

A Paralyzed Teen Will Kick The First World Cup Ball Thanks To A Robotic Exoskeleton

 The 2014 World Cup begins next month in Brazil and will feature something truly amazing: the plan is for a paralyzed, non-ambulatory Brazilian teenager to stand up and kick the first ball of the first game using a motorized exoskeleton and special 3D-printed helmet. Created by an international team of designers and engineers, the video shows…Read More…

  • By John Biggs

Singularity Surplus: Robotic Furniture and Stuffed Animals

Kids learn with robots; 3D printed liver, no stem cells required, robotic furniture; living forever as computer codeRead More…

  • By Cameron Scott
  • Posted in science
  • Also tagged 3D Printing, AI, anson ma, autodesk, EPFL, Longevity And Health, MIT, Open Source, Randal Koene, singularity surplus, Stem Cells, university of connecticut

Roombots Pave The Way For Reconfigurable Furniture

Have you watched X-Men: Days of Future Past in the cinemas already? It is definitely worth checking out, especially the way the sentinels work and function. Well, I suppose it is somewhat similar to the scene in Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer, where Stanley Tucci’s character proclaimed that the Transformer’s techno-organic material is one of…Read More…

  • By Edwin Kee

Roombots can transform into reconfigurable furniture

Envision small robotic modules, lifting the lid of a storage box, spilling out, rearranging themselves to be the box’s legs and transporting it to where you might be seated. That’s exactly what Swiss researchers are aiming to create with Roombots, reconfigurable robotic modules that connect to each other to transform themselves into any type of…Read More…

  • By Lakshmi Sandhana
  • Posted in Uncategorized
  • Also tagged EPFL, Furniture, Lakshmi Sandhana, Multi-functional, Robotics

Japanese Dancers Use Drones In Their Choreography

With technology becoming part of our lives, it is no surprise that eventually it would begin creeping its way into art as well, and that’s what a dance troupe in Japan, Eleven Play, has done by choreographing a dance that includes the use of quadcopter drones. Yes, you read that right, drones now have use…Read More…

The Nanabot Can Be Controlled Using Cortana

Wouldn’t it be cool if our voice assistant programs, like Google Now, Siri, or Cortana, be used to control more than just our smartphones? Sure, we’ve seen hacks where they can be used to control certain things around the house, but how about a robot? Well that’s what one developer and robotics expert by the…Read More…

Francesco’s Pizzeria Makes Pizza Deliveries Using Drones

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but if you so happen to be the party that is being imitated, do you actually believe that? I suppose it is true to a certain extent – after all, why reinvent the wheel, right? Francesco’s Pizzeria that is located in Mumbai, India, must have…Read More…

  • By Edwin Kee
  • Posted in Gadgets
  • Also tagged drone

Robots that sweat, breathe, and get goosebumps to manipulate your emotions

A technology showcase recently revealed just a selection of the life-like features in development for the next generation of civilian robotics.Read More…

  • By Graham Templeton
  • Posted in Technology
  • Also tagged biometric robotics, biomimetics, Extreme, Robotics, Sex, sexbots, telepresence, walmart
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