Adobe Launches Photoshop Mix for iPad

Adobe Photoshop Mix

In the slew of updates this week, Adobe has added a new Photoshop version for the iPad, dubbed Photoshop Mix.

You can use Photoshop Mix to open images from your Creative Cloud storage, Lightroom, Facebook or your camera roll. You can even grab individual layers from PSD files stored on your Creative Cloud account.

Photoshop Mix allows you to non-destructively edit your images and use the processing power of Adobe’s Creative Cloud servers to make heavy-duty edits like Upright, Camera Shake Reduction and Content-Aware Fill. Of course, you’ll need to be connected to the Internet to allow the app to upload the images and process them in order to handle some of these heavier processing features.

The fine selection functionality in Photoshop Mix is especially impressive with what Adobe demo’ed at its live event. Additionally, you can then save your files back into Creative Cloud and further fine tune them from your desktop installation of Photoshop CC when you get back to your office.

The app itself is available for free here on the App Store.

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