Google Copresence Details leaked, connecting Android and iOS

Google Copresence

It seems that Google is trying hard to connect connect various devices to each other and their surroundings. we saw a glimpse of it, appears to aim for connecting iOS and Android devices and let them communicate with one another in a many different ways, exchanging photos, files, messages, and many other content, it looks like a cross-platform version of Android Beam.

Location information or Bluetooth might be used for authentication, perhaps a similar functionality  to “whisper,” the ultrasonic authentication method Google uses for Chromecast. Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi direct might be used to share actual information.

Google Copresence

Developers have also spotted a copresence API for Chrome. This functionality is expected to launch “the coming weeks,” but we don’t know the exact time, it’s clear Google is chugging away at this functionality.


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