iMac Retina Reviews: Best Desktop Available

imac retina review vs mac pro iMac Retina Reviews: Best Desktop Available

All of the reviewers I could find were, to varying degrees, blown away by the new iMac Retina 5K. That’s due to the simple fact they spent serious quality time with Apple’s newest desktop and learned just how deep the innovation and performance really goes.

Seriously, get your butt to a local Apple Store, Best Buy or authorized reseller and experience the iMac Retina 5K in person. While it looks like your daddy’s all-in-one, iMac Retina beauty runs deep.

As for the iMac, there’s little more I could ask from a desktop machine. It sits at the top of Apple’s Mac offerings, bested only in processing power by the Mac Pro. Its display is the most beautiful, most pixel-packed screen on the market. If my desk at home were bigger, I’d buy one for myself — Wired.

The moment the Retina iMac became valuable to me was when I opened one of my favorite photos of Rome and realized, for the first time, it’s actually out of focus! Maybe I’m not as good a photographer as I’d thought. But at least now I have the tools to sharpen things up — Wall Street Journal.

It’s easy to say that Apple has created an all-in-one that’s ideal for creative professionals, especially those with a visual focus, with the iMac with Retina 5K display. But that’s not all the company has done with this machine; instead, they’ve built a computer that provides the future, today, for anyone with the financial capability to get it — TechCrunch.

iMac Retina vs Mac Pro Geekbench

retina imac vs mac pro geekbench 1024x637 iMac Retina Reviews: Best Desktop Available

The iMac Retina at the bottom is a stock $2,499 configuration, while the much faster config above includes a faster processor and likely more RAM. For more benchmarks and color commentary, see Geekbench.

It’s remarkable that Apple has managed to get a screen that can show this much detail into a body that’s only 5mm thick at its edge. In fact the display panel on its own is just 1.4mm thick … It’s hugely impressive, even at first glance, and will make graphic designers, video editors and camera buffs froth at the mouth with anticipation. With a starting price of $2499 this is not a computer for the masses. But when you consider that the price of a good 27-inch 4K screen is upwards of £1000/$1500, the iMac Retina 5K doesn’t seem unreasonable — Trusted Reviews.

The Retina display iMac is the best all-in-one desktop you can buy right now, and yes, the $2,499 seems fair, considering the amazing display. That said, precisely because it’s twice as expensive as some rival machines … [b]ut for people who are serious about their photos, and serious about their videos, this new model is in a class of its own. There’s simply nothing else like it — no other 5K all-in-one, not even a 4K machine that would come sort of close. In particular, I’d recommend this to someone who couldn’t quite justify the Mac Pro, which starts at $2,999 without a monitor. Even the entry-level, $2,499 Retina iMac handles 4K video editing smoothly and remember, you don’t have to pay extra for a super-high-res screen — Engadget.

Is the new Apple iMac Retina 5K at $2,499 and up too rich for your blood? Wait a month or two for the refurbished iMac Retinas to start trickling out — you should be able to save at least $200!

iMac Retina Review Conclusions

imac retina tim cook iMac Retina Reviews: Best Desktop Available
Apple is boring and can’t innovate anymore? Wow, really, compared to what, to whom exactly? A vocal minority of tech reporters and geeks increasingly come across as meth heads in search of the next higher high. In other words, the shiny new gadget in their sweaty, shaking hands ABSOLUTELY MUST make them feel just like the first Go Pro, Palm Treo, iPhone or MacBook Air did. Yes, all of those devices were flawed, but the raw potential simply blew people away.

Whether you choose Apple products or not, if the current crop of tech gadgets, widgets and wonders leaves you feeling flat, the fault isn’t with the gear.

Go to an Apple Store or Best Buy and lay hands on the iMac Retina, you will come away impressed…

What’s your take?

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