Want a hug?

huggin For most of the time you are able to cope with everyday stress, but then there are the days when you are just in need of a hug and good huggers can be hard to find.

Japanese company UniCare, unveiled the solution to this problem. The chair that is always ready to hand out a hug or cuddle. The chair is fitted with a larger-than-life human like fabric doll with a smile on its face and fancy hat that will guarantee a warm and embracing hug with it’s long arms. People stated that the chair actually gives you a sense of security when using it.

Although the target is to help comfort the elderly, will it still be suitable for people of all ages.

The chair will cost you approximately ¥46 000 (about R4 750). A wheelchair-friendly alternative is also available.

UniCare further showed off their “Life Rhythm Dolls” which are also good support for people living alone. It will remind you to take your medicine on time and to go to the toilet, in case you forget.

All of this was on display at the 41st International Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition in the capital Tokyo.

The expo mainly focuses on elderly people who are living without a companion in Japan.

According to the website phys.org, around 25% of Japan’s population is aged 65+. This number is expected to grow to 40% in the near future. IMG: Live Samachar

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