Official flip cover for new HTC One leaked

New HTC One flip coverHTC seems to be preparing a clever flip cover for its upcoming new HTC One smartphone. Leaked by @evleaks on Saturday, this flip cover will show information like time and weather without the need of opening the cover.

As per the details available right now, HTC seems to be using holes in the cover, which will use the light from from the phone display to covey the information. As HTC typically uses LCD, there are battery drainage concerns with this approach, however until we exactly know how the cover is being operated, we can’t be certain.

@evleaks has also noted that the new HTC One will have a Google Play edition like its predecessor. This is certainly a good news for the consumers, who want stock Android and HTC hardware.New HTC One flip covers

New HTC One to reach 110 markets within two week of announcement

In related news, @HTCFamily_ru, which was a decent track record of HTC related leaks, has noted that HTC plans to release the new HTC One in 110 markets within two weeks of March 25 unveiling. If achieved, this will be a big positive for the company, which is struggling right now. It will also put new HTC One is direct competition of Galaxy S5 and given the not-so earth-shattering specifications of Galaxy S5, HTC seems to have good chance in triumphing over S5.

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