Talon for Twitter updated to 2.0 with floating compose button, new widgets, and more!

Talon for Twitter, one of our favorite Twitter apps, received a much needed updated today.

Talon for Twitter 5

Not long ago, we wrote that Talon was taking a huge step in the right direction. From the theme customizations to the great use of Immersive Mode, Talon was a force to be reckoned with. It was. Soon after writing the piece, the bugs became too much to handle, causing us to switch Twitter apps.

All of the qualms we had with Talon are now solved in the update to version 2.0. Higher quality images, uploading pictures, and Talon Pull fixes, and new widgets, just to name a few.

Here’s a list of the featured changes in Google Play:

  • Talon Pull overhaul
  • Floating compose button
  • Discover main drawer element
  • Pictures, mentions, and favorites on profiles
  • Animations
  • post from different accounts on compose window
  • tons of widget options and a new bar widget
  • View retweeters of a tweet

The list of new features and updates is way too long to post, so here’s the link to the full changelog.

Talon for Twitter (Playboard) | Talon for Twitter (Play Store)

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