Give your Website Design a Personality, Today!

personalityToday, when I start browsing and looking through the numerous websites in my browser I am taken aback to find just how many of them I can remember or relate to or even would go back to?

Well, not many. And why is this so?

A dull business website design is as boring to relate to, as attending a boring lecture, in your university.

If we break down what does personality really mean for us or in other words who would you say ahs a good personality? Someone, who is friendly, easy-to-talk-to, is understanding, is relatable, is helpful, and is well-organized. These qualities can be applied to your business website design as well.  Now, you may think that website design firms will charge you a bomb for having such website design packages for you. Not really. This can be achieved by implementing the three core attributes to make your very own interactive website design.


What use is a website that looks beautiful but does not answer your question? A good website design is the one that allows even first-time visitors to search for information and give them a reason to return back. Make sure to relevant information in the pages of your website. Make every space count. Leave blanks only if you want to give a breathing room for your visitor. Remember, your browser has a problem for which they are looking for answers. Provide relevant, accurate and precise information in every page and don’t forget to thanks them for being on your site. 


Just like a chain reaction place such content on your website that users will be willing to share. The more appropriate content you place the more chances are your website or its pages will be shared. Your website will allow a chain of followers to visit you monthly, daily or even hourly. Simply, create pages as per your target user preference and needs and you will be amazed to see how happy they will be to share your website pages. 

Make it Inviting

Never sum up your design without adding a little bit of gloss to it. At the same time, make sure to keep it simple too. Balance the attractive value and simplicity of your website by adding colours, graphics, videos and images at the right places. Don’t suffocate your website pages with too much of anything as it will only kill its value and the user will only appear lost. Maintain design consistency to enhance user’s experience and to make it more relatable.

Build aesthetic website designs for your business. Do not refrain from adding balance and variety to your website design so it requires less maintenance. Always think from the browser’s point-of-view. This thought will guide you in your entire design process and make it more relevant for your business and customers, alike. 

In the End

Your website design is your investment. Allow it to express your business motives freely and to the right people. Make sure your website is easy-to-search and share no matter from where the browser accesses it. Induce responsiveness in the DNA of your website design so your website works on your behalf to give your customers what they are looking for.

Dhruv Patel CEO of Redspark Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We have team of expert as well as creative website designers. Our portfolio & testimonials speak more than us. Our expertise is in customization, also we work with latest trends of creating responsive website design.

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