After copying Galaxy S5, Goophone is at it again


Last week we saw how quickly Goophone copied the Galaxy S5 when it announced its phone called the S5. Now they have copied another hot device that will see the light of day soon.

It has launched the Goophone M8, which is a copy of the upcoming, and yet unannounced, new HTC One. The new HTC flagship has been all but confirmed in leaks, although we haven’t heard anything from HTC, and the new device is codenamed the M8. Once again, Goophone doesn’t disappoint with its unimaginative naming conventions.

The M8 actually looks more like the current HTC One than the new version coming March 25th, with the capacitive touch keys instead of on-screen buttons which we expect from the new device. The following specs won’t really have HTC breaking a sweat, though:

  • 5-inch FHD 1080P screen, 1920*1080 pixel display
  • 1.7GHz MTK MT6592 octa-core processor
  • 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM, support expand microSD card
  • 12.6MP rear camera with LED flash light, 5MP front camera
  • Android 4.2 OS, with Google Play

Source: Unwired View

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