ComScore: Windows Phone’s Growth In The US Remains Unchanged

chrome windowsphone 81Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform admittedly gets better with each major update that Microsoft makes to it. However the lack of apps has consumers hesitating if they should adopt the device, and the lack of consumers has developers holding back on developing for Windows Phone – it’s basically a vicious cycle.

This is why it is hardly a surprise that Windows Phone doesn’t exactly command a huge slice of the smartphone market share, and according to the latest numbers from ComScore, it seems that over in the US, the Windows Phone platform’s market share has not moved and is still sitting at 3.4%, which was its market share a few months ago.

In a way it’s not a bad thing meaning that Windows Phone did not lose any users, but it isn’t exactly encouraging either since it means that they did not gain any new users. Perhaps users are holding off until Windows Phone 8.1 has been released – who knows? Perhaps when the update is released we might be able to see some changes, but for now it’s still the same.

As for other platforms, ComScore found that Apple dominated the smartphone manufacturer market with a 41.9% market share. Google’s Android platform dominated in the operating system market with 52.1%.

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