Mac Pro Customized Table Lets You “Hide” The Computer From Sight

mac pro desk 2 640x426As our devices get smarter, it seems that our furniture gets smarter too. We’ve recently started seeing more tables designed to accommodate our gadgets, and by that we mean that the table has been designed in such a way where we can dock and charge our mobile devices in specially crafted slots, as opposed to just lying them flat on the desk.

Now what about desktop computers? Shouldn’t they get some love too? Well if you are the proud owner of a Mac Pro, you might be interested to learn that architect Takara Maru has crafted himself a special desk in which it will house the Mac Pro in the desk itself, as you can see in the image above.

mac pro desk 3 640x426It’s a pretty clever idea as it allows the desk to remain clutter-free, although some joke that it is to hide the looks of the Mac Pro from the user (we guess this is personal preference since there are some who love the way the computer looks). Unfortunately it does not seem like Maru has plans to start creating similar desks and selling them.

mac pro desk 640x426What this means for Mac Pro users out there is that if you wanted something similar, either hope that a furniture manufacturer decides that this is a great idea, or perhaps you can try carving a hole in your desk yourself for a more customized design, but in the meantime what do you guys think? Pretty clever, huh?

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