DHL Could Launch Drone Delivery In Juist, Germany

Drone deliveries – this very idea is worth toying over, but there are plenty of red tape and regulations to take into consideration, so much so that it is not viable to roll out just yet over in the US. However, this has not stopped some zany attempts which were ultimately botched, such as this failed drone delivery effort at a prison. DHL has tested out the possibility of using a drone delivery system, and it seems that the company will eventually roll out drone delivery for its customers. Unfortunately, before you pop the champagne, you might want to take note that this will be a limited launch, with the eligible recipients being residents of Juist, a German island located in the North Sea.

DHL has been working hard to test out its PaketKopter system since last year, and working alongside the German government, the logistics company has managed to establish a flight path for its UAVs in order to fly and deliver a package 12km away from a harbor in Norddeich, all the way at the island of Juist. The drone will maintain an altitude of approximately 50m (164 feet) and will travel at speeds of up to 18 m/s (that would be around 40mph). This does not mean normal delivery services will use drones anytime soon though, so do not get your hopes up just yet. [Press Release]

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  • By Edwin Kee