Google Now Can Search Within Any App In Handset

google now launcher 640x509It has been some time now that Google Now, which is the voice activated assistant of Android, was capable of launching apps when one makes a request. It looks like things have managed to move along in a better manner now, as Google has just introduced the ability within Google Now itself to actually kick off a search – and to do so within any app in the handset itself.

In other words, those who are curious about checking out this new feature will be able to mention something along the lines of “OK, Google, search for hotels in Trip Advisor”, or “OK, Google, search for pizza on Eat24″, and wait for a while as the voice assistant launches the corresponding app, while kicking off its search automatically – within the given parameters.

Such a connection ought to be allowed by the target app, so that developers are required to update their previous work through the amendment of some code lines. Right now, this particular feature is available on English locale phones, as long as they run on Android Jelly Bean or newer. Have you given this a go already, and if you have done so, how do you find it so far?

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