Japan Intends To Crank Up Robot Technology

japanrobotJapan used to be the world leader where robotic technology is concerned, but their grip on the crown looks set to be slipping, as their supremacy in this particular field is beginning to see cracks appear due to other rival robot producing countries that are making leaps and bounds in terms of technological advancements. Hence, in order to stop the proverbial rot, the Japanese government are pumping in monetary investments to make sure that their maintain their edge in the industry.

For instance, Pepper happens to be the first emo robot in the world, where it comprises of a large leap in terms of artificial intelligence as Pepper has the ability to read facial expressions, voice tones and body , before coming up what it thinks is an appropriate response. Omotosando, an upmarket shopping district in Tokyo, would see Pepper function in a mobile phone store as it performs market research.

The cutely designed Pepper stands at approximately 120 centimetres in height, complete with large, puppy dog eyes. It will retail for $2,000 a pop from next year onward, and is touted to be a household robot that is worth checking out. The Japanese industry and government do have grand plans for Pepper and other robots of the same ilk, seeing a workforce of 30 million of these robots transforming Japan to be the top manufacturer in the world. Do you think that they will succeed?

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