Microbots Could Feature Muscles That Mimic Those In Humans

skeletal muscleRobots with muscles, now this is definitely not the kind of scenario that is going to bring comfort to those who are afraid of a robotic apocalypse. After all, if a robot can already mimic a crane stance from the classic Karate Kid movie, it might be foolhardy to equip such a robot with “muscles”, so to speak. Having said that, scientists have managed to display how different chains of self-assembling particles are able to have the potential to function as electrically activated muscles in robots. Good thing these robots are not large ones that could end up as killer bots, but rather, they happen to be smaller in size compared to a grain of sand.

Known as microbots, having some sort of electrical muscle that has been inspired by the human muscle could end up as a real boon in various aspects of life, such as in the medicine and manufacturing lines. Of course, creating such microbots also does pose a fair number of challenges, especially when it comes to the actual building of such microbots apart from having to make them mobile, which is where these electrical muscles would then come in handy.

Imagine the potential of having these microbots function as a swarm, now they would be able to (theoretically) be of good use when it comes to heavy lifting.

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