Pronto Battery Pack Offers Quick Power Storage When You Need It

pronto5 and 12 640x401Our smartphone batteries are improving with every release. There has also been a lot of work done at research labs and universities to come up with longer lasting batteries, but until we get to the point where our phones can last for days without charging, we will always have to rely on power banks and battery cases to get through the day.

Now there is some good news and that is the folks at Power Practical have come up with a device they are calling Pronto. According to the team behind the device, they claim that the Pronto is capable of storing a full smartphone charge in just five minutes. This means that you can charge the device even if you’re in a rush and rest assured that it will provide your smartphone with a full charge while on the go.

03 Pronto5 charging up wall outlet 640x480The company has since launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to create the device. As it stands there are two models that are being offered – the Prono 5 which comes with a 4,500mAh battery, and the Pronto 12 which comes with a 13,500mAh battery. The folks at Power Practical are measuring this against the iPhone 5 and claim that the Pronto 5 will offer 3 iPhone 5 charges, while the Pronto 12 will offer 9 iPhone 5 charges.

In fact the Pronto 12 will offer two high-powered USB ports and a 12V adapter that will allow for the charging of larger devices, like DSLRs or laptops. The body of the Pronto has been built with aluminum meaning that it should be capable of taking a couple of bumps and drops, and will also sport an internal silicone seal to help protect the ports from water and dirt.

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