Robot Draws Its Creator’s Picture Using His Blood As Ink

blood-ink-portrait.jpg In things that shouldn't exist news, this is 'Ghost In The Machine,' a robot programmed by artist Ted Lawson to draw a life-size picture of himself using his own blood as ink. Obviously, there are a million things wrong with this. I'm surprised it didn't bleed him dry (which he probably deserved). Also, why the hell are you going to purposefully feed a robot blood? Now they know what it tastes like and probably like it. It's like the first jerk who decided to feed zombies brains. You know what they ate before that? Shit. And not like, they wanna kill you and eat their way through your butthole, they were totally fine picking turds off the floor. Zombies were a lot less scary back then. Keep going for a video of the portrait in progress. If you're needle squeamish though skip the part from 0:23 - 0:30. I passed out. Or just skip to 1:40 to see the finished product, including a possible penis.