Alleged Lizard Squad Member Arrested by UK Police

Skyrim Argonian

The hacker group calling themselves Lizard Squad might be more aptly called the Grinches who stole Christmas – at least, by those who wanted to enjoy the holidays by using Xbox Live or PlayStation Network to play games with their friends and family, and by Xbox and Sony employees who were called in on Christmas Day to deal with a DDoS attack that took down both services.

Hackers can be difficult to catch, but it seems that one Lizard Squad member didn’t cover his tracks well enough. 22 year-old UK resident Vinnie Omari was arrested earlier this week after law enforcement agents from the South East Regional Organized Crime Unit raided his home and confiscated all of his electronic devices.

When contacted by The Daily Dot, Omari confirmed the raid and posted a photo of the search warrant, which states that his property ...

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