‘Threes!’ Review

Threes Game Review

The concept of matching numbers and characters for fun has existed for over 1,500 years – it’s a genre popularised back in 500BC in China with mahjong (a game matching decorated tiles with one another) and more recently enjoyed with the card game snap (in which you yell out ‘snap!’ when a card that matches any of the ones in your hand shows up), it has been constantly enjoyed thanks to its casual nature and its simplicity.

It’s in this vein that Sirvo, the independent development team of Greg Wohlwend, Jimmy Hinson and Asher Vollmer created Threes!, their very first game, Threes! was in development for 14 months as the trio deliberated on just what players would be matching, with sushi rolls and chess pieces once in the running. That long development time (in comparison to most mobile games) paid off though as Threes! was ...

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