Hands-on with the new cameras and CP+ Trade Show Floor round-up

As it is often the case with important Trade Shows, we get a flurry of new product announcements on the eve of the official opening of the doors. In this post, we round up hands-on reports and previews of some of the new cameras published at the CP+ 2014 Trade Show and also published after our announcement round-up posts were finalized. It makes more sense to post them as one instead of breaking them in two separate posts, since most people are interested in the cameras, not where the previews took place GPS-wise. Here we geaux...

+ X-T1 first impressions at Reviewed (formerly DCI)
+ booth visit at DC Watch Impress

+ DP Quattro hands-on at DSLR Magazine (translated) and Fotopolis.pl and Focus Numerique and dpreview and DC Watch Impress
+ ergonomic opinion on the Quattro design at Camera Ergonomics
+ Sigma booth visit at Optyczne.pl (translated)

+ a6000 first impressions at Reviewed.com (formerly DCI) and dpreview and Fotopolis.pl
+ a6000 preview at dpnow now and Engadget
+ booth visit at DC Watch

+ booth visit at PentaxForums and Fotopolis.pl

+ G1X II hands-on at dpreview and Fotopolis.pl and Engadget and The Verge
+ G1X II trade show floor sample pictures at Optyczne.pl
+ G1X II official samples at Canon Japan (via P. Blog)
+ D-Rebel T5 aka 1200D official samples at Canon Japan (via P. Blog)
+ booth visit at DC Watch and dpreview

+ D4s behind glass at Focus Numerique
+ D4s and booth visit at DC Watch Impress

+ GH4 at DSLR Magazine and Optyczne.pl (translated)

+ 9mm fisheye body cap lens trade show samples at Optyczne.pl and Fotopolis.pl
+ booth visit at DC Watch Impress

+ EX-100 (compact with RAW) hands-on at Engadget

+ Touit 50mm f2.8 trade show floor samples at Fotopolis.pl

+ Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 (m43) samples with E-M5 at Fotopolis.pl

Medium Format
+ CMOS sensor Medium Format at Focus Numerique

CP+ In General
+ opening ceremony at DSLR Magazine
+ Fotopolis.pl

The Latest Instant Rebates: Nikon Instant Rebates (stackable; end 12/28/13) and Canon DSLR Instant Rebates and Canon SLR Lens Mail-In Rebates (end 1/4/14) and Fuji Instant Rebates (stackable; end 12/24/13)

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